Brion Vibber

Lead Software Architect, Wikimedia Foundation


Brion Vibber guided Wikipedia's server-side development through its early years of heavy scaling as the Wikimedia Foundation's first CTO (2005-2009). He's now in the trenches modernizing Wikipedia's open-format audio/video stack while researching new interactive media types for the world's favorite online editable encyclopedia.

Conference Talk

Nearly-native: alternate codecs in HTML video

Wikipedia's strict rules on using free file formats lead to the creation of ogv.js, a JS/WebAssembly media player for Ogg and WebM that works as a drop-in video tag workalike for Safari, IE, and Edge. With WebRTC and MSE interfaces on modern browsers even more native integration is possible today, with various trade-offs; these models can be used for alternate codecs, legacy data, user-provided files, and realtime video processing on almost any current browser. Pain points and limitations in the browser APIs are identified, with improvements recommended.