Oliver Gunasekara

CEO & Co-Founder, NGCodec


Oliver Gunasekara has over 20 years experience of marketing and business development with technology companies. In 1995 he joined ARM to lead its mobile activities initially working in Europe and then latter in Japan and Silicon Valley. Over 12 years at ARM he licensed HW and SW to both semiconductor companies and mobile OEM’s and delivered a de facto standard for mobile CPU’s. His last role at ARM was Vice President corporate business development and M&A. In 2007 he joined video start-up W&W Communications as Vice President of Mobile business (acquired by Cavium in 2008). Prior to Founding NGCodec in 2012 he was a business development consultant to a number of mobile start-ups in the OS, Security, Imaging and battery areas.

Oliver holds a Bachelor's degree with honours in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Greenwich London, UK and a Mini-MBA from the AeA/Executive Institute, Stanford University Graduate School of Business

Conference Talk

Recent trends in live cloud video transcoding using FPGA acceleration

Video Transcoding represents massive cloud work loads which are growing at 50% CAGR. This talk will discuss the modern trend to use programmable hardware acceleration (Xilinx FPGA’s) to replace Intel Xeon CPU's. Twitch announced last year they are using FPGA acceleration in their data centers. Today many public clouds including AWS, Alibaba, Huawei etc. have FPGA instances which can be rented by the hour. This talk will compare the two major metrics for live cloud video transcoding: Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for encoding and bandwidth reduction based on better compression. The talk will also provide a live demo of AV1, VP9 and HEVC encoding on FPGA accelerations.