Thomas Davies

Principal Engineer, Cisco


Thomas Davies is a Principal Engineer at Cisco Systems, working on video technologies in the Collaboration Technology Group in London, UK. He received the MA degree in Mathematics and Philosophy from the University of Oxford in 1991, and the MSc and PhD degrees in Mathematics from the University of Warwick, UK, in 1992 and 1996 respectively. He worked as a consultant on satellite network technology, before joining the BBC R&D department in 2000. In his time at the BBC he developed the Dirac video compression algorithms and was a co-author of the SMPTE VC-2 video coding standard; and subsequently lead research and standardization activities in video coding, working on HEVC. He joined Cisco in 2011, continuing working on future compression technologies and on developing real time applications for video coding in telepresence and transcoding systems. He worked on developing Cisco’s Thor video codec, and latterly on developing AV1 as part of the Alliance for Open Media.

Conference Talk

AV1 in video collaboration

Video collaboration is changing, with more diverse applications and demanding content, encompassing not only video and graphics in conventional meetings, but interactive whiteboarding, online teaching, medical consultations, engineering design, gaming and streaming. These applications are driving increasing quality and resolution requirements and users expect high quality even in remote environments with challenging network conditions.

AV1 is a next-generation video codec with many powerful features to support these applications. Deploying AV1 codecs in collaboration requires real-time performance even as the requirements increase. Incorporating AV1 into collaboration systems with legacy codecs also poses challenges for interoperability and adaptive architectures. This presentation will discuss these challenges, how they can be overcome and how AV1 can help transform collaboration.